In-House Manufacturing

Manufacturing Under One Roof

BC Wire Rope & Rigging’s facilities enable the company to provide a wide array of in-house manufacturing services.


  • Press up to 3″ Wire Rope Slings
  • Press Swaged Boom Pendants up to 2½ Inches
  • Pour Zinc and Epoxy Sockets
  • Hand Spliced Safety Splicing and Braided Slings
  • Machine Shop for Special End Fittings
  • Proof Testing and Certifying—to 1 million pounds
  • Slingmax® Fabricator Kwik Products
  • Fabricate Polyester Round Slings
  • Sew Flat Web Nylon Sling
  • Soft Rope Splicing
  • Pressure Lube Wire Rope
  • Crane Buttons
  • Portable Spooling Equipment


  • Knowledgeable Inside & Outside Sales Staff
  • Safety Seminars
  • All Types of Sling Inspections
  • Product Liability Insurance
  • Certification on all Products Sold and Serviced

Manufacturing Triflex Slings