BC Wire Rope & Rigging’s Vendors

BC Wire Rope & Rigging is proud to offer the very best products in the industry. An Authorized Distributor of Crosby, Bridon, and SlingMax products, BC Wire Rope maintains a full inventory of products from the vendors denoted below. BC Wire Rope can also provide products from other manufacturers depending on the customers’ individual needs.

Check out the vendors below whose products we are proud to carry or download our line card here.

The Crosby Group   The Crosby® Group, Inc.
Bridon American   Bridon American
Authorized Slingmax Distributor   Slingmax® Rigging Products
Thern   Thern
Union Wire Rope   Union Wire Rope
Newco   Newco
Campbell   Campbell Chain Company
Caldwell Group   Caldwell Group
WireCo WorldGroup   WRCA
Kulkoni   Kulkoni, Inc.
Kirkpatrick Group   The Kirkpatrick Group, Inc.
Samson   Samson
Broderick & Bascom Rope   Broderick & Bascom Rope
Griphoist   Griphoist
Harrington Hoists and Cranes   Harrington Hoists and Cranes
Lebus   Lebus
Maasdam   Maasdam
Macwhyte   Macwhyte
Skookum   The Skookum Co., Inc.
Brewer-Titchener Corporation   Brewer-Titchener Corporation
Esco   ESCO
Chicago Hardware   Chicago Hardware
Midland Forge   Midland Forge, Inc.
Grignard   Grignard Company
cmChain   Columbus McKinnon Corporation
Continental Western   Continental Western Corporation
Pacific Wire Rope Company   Pacific Wire Rope Co.
Johnson Blocks   Johnson Blocks
Electroline   Electroline
Western   Western
ACCO Chains   ACCO Chain Products
Miller Lifting Products   Miller Lifting Products